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The Project Aria MPS Command Line Interface (MPS CLI) is part of Project Aria Tools (available on MacOS and Linux), and it is the preferred way to request Machine Perception Services (MPS). While research partners can use the Desktop Companion app to request MPS, the MPS CLI provides more features and can resume uploads if interrupted.

MPS CLI features:

  • Request SLAM, Eye Gaze and Hand Tracking data
  • Request multi-sequence SLAM data
  • Auto run health checks prior to upload
    • Recordings will not be uploaded if they are not valid for any of the MPS services requested
  • Resumable uploads
    • Uploads, interrupted for any reason, can be resumed within 24 hrs
    • Particularly useful for large VRS files
  • Concurrent processing
    • CLI takes a list of directories/files as input and recursively finds all .vrs files to process concurrently
    • The number of concurrent processes for each stage can be modified in Settings
  • Automatically downloads outputs once processing is complete
  • Recordings are processed once
    • If the output directory already exists and contains the MPS results, processing is skipped
    • If the recording was processed in the past, the results will be downloaded without submitting the recording for processing again (unless --force is passed as an input)
  • Uploaded data is stored for 30 days
    • Additional MPS can be requested without needing to upload again
    • Data can be reprocessed without needing to upload again
  • CLI can be integrated into your automated workflows
    • This includes ensuring that all commands and processes work without using the UI
    • See the Command Line Reference for more details

CLI documentation:

Further resources: