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Collaborative Tools


This page provides an overview of open source tooling can be useful when working with Project Aria data.

Used in Project Aria Tools

Some of the open source tools we use are:


VRS is the open source file format used by Project Aria. It is optimized to record & playback streams of sensor data, such as images, audio samples, and any other discrete sensors (IMU, temperature, etc), stored in per-device streams of time-stamped records.


Rerun is an open source SDK and engine for visualizing and interacting with multi modal data streams. It can be used from Python, Rust and C++ and provides a log API and a visualizer. Project Aria Tools uses it to create Python visualization tools.

Open source tools that use Project Aria


Nerfstudio provides an API that allows for a simplified end-to-end process for creating, training, and testing NeRFs. The library supports a more interpretable implementation of NeRFs by modularizing each component.