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Export a VRS file to MP4

The vrs_to_mp4 script enables you to create an MP4 video from a Project Aria VRS recording. By default, it uses RGB as well as audio streams (if present). The MP4 video will have the same framerate as the RGB stream in the VRS file and use H264 and MP3 stereo encoding for video and audio. If a dropped frame is present in the VRS recording (some frame could be missing at a given expected timestamp), the last valid frame will be copied over until the next valid frame.

vrs_to_mp4 generates a recording preview

This script provides video preview. It is not designed to create a video file suitable for Computer Vision applications.

Install dependencies

pip install projectaria_tools moviepy


vrs_to_mp4 --input_vrs "projectaria_tools/data/mps_sample/sample.vrs" --output_video "sample.mp4"