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Project Aria Tools, Data Utilities


Project Aria Tools provides Python and C++ APIs. This section provides a detailed walk through of installation, visualization, code tutorials and snippets.

  • Getting started
    • A quickstart to install Project Aria Tools using a Python package followed by tutorials in Jupyter notebook. It contains:
      • Dataprovider quickstart tutorial: a walk-through of accessing sensor data from VRS file, obtaining sensor calibrations and accessing project/unproject functionalities, undistorting an image, etc.
      • Machine Perception Services (MPS) quickstart tutorial: How to visualize MPS derived data (gaze, trajectory, and point cloud)
  • Visualizers
  • Installation guide
  • Core Code Snippets
    • Python and C++ code snippets for Project Aria Tools core functionality
      • Data Provider: open and load Aria raw data (VRS files)
      • Image: Access and manage Aria images
      • Calibration: Access device, 6DoF and sensor calibration
      • MPS: How to work with Aria derived data generated by Project Aria's Machine Perception Services
  • Advanced Code Snippets