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Attribution and Contributing


Project Aria Tools

If you use Project Aria tools or data in your research, please consider starring ⭐ our github repository, and citing the Project Aria Whitepaper.

title={Project Aria: A New Tool for Egocentric Multi-Modal AI Research},
author={Jakob Engel and Kiran Somasundaram and Michael Goesele and Albert Sun and Alexander Gamino and Andrew Turner and Arjang Talattof and Arnie Yuan and Bilal Souti and Brighid Meredith and Cheng Peng and Chris Sweeney and Cole Wilson and Dan Barnes and Daniel DeTone and David Caruso and Derek Valleroy and Dinesh Ginjupalli and Duncan Frost and Edward Miller and Elias Mueggler and Evgeniy Oleinik and Fan Zhang and Guruprasad Somasundaram and Gustavo Solaira and Harry Lanaras and Henry Howard-Jenkins and Huixuan Tang and Hyo Jin Kim and Jaime Rivera and Ji Luo and Jing Dong and Julian Straub and Kevin Bailey and Kevin Eckenhoff and Lingni Ma and Luis Pesqueira and Mark Schwesinger and Maurizio Monge and Nan Yang and Nick Charron and Nikhil Raina and Omkar Parkhi and Peter Borschowa and Pierre Moulon and Prince Gupta and Raul Mur-Artal and Robbie Pennington and Sachin Kulkarni and Sagar Miglani and Santosh Gondi and Saransh Solanki and Sean Diener and Shangyi Cheng and Simon Green and Steve Saarinen and Suvam Patra and Tassos Mourikis and Thomas Whelan and Tripti Singh and Vasileios Balntas and Vijay Baiyya and Wilson Dreewes and Xiaqing Pan and Yang Lou and Yipu Zhao and Yusuf Mansour and Yuyang Zou and Zhaoyang Lv and Zijian Wang and Mingfei Yan and Carl Ren and Renzo De Nardi and Richard Newcombe},

Aria Digital Twin Dataset

If you use Aria Digital Twin dataset and its tools, please cite the Aria Digital Twin dataset paper:

title={Aria Digital Twin: A New Benchmark Dataset for Egocentric 3D Machine Perception},
author={Pan, Xiaqing and Charron, Nicholas and Yang, Yongqian and Peters, Scott and Whelan, Thomas and Kong, Chen and Parkhi, Omkar and Newcombe, Richard and Ren, Yuheng Carl},
booktitle={Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision},

Aria Synthetic Environments Dataset

If you use Aria Synthetic Environments Dataset and its tools, please cite the Aria Synthetic Environments dataset paper (coming soon).

Aria Pilot Dataset

If you use the Aria Pilot Dataset in GitHub, please cite

title = {Aria Pilot Dataset},
author = {Zhaoyang Lv and Edward Miller and Jeff Meissner and Luis Pesqueira and
Chris Sweeney and Jing Dong and Lingni Ma and Pratik Patel and Pierre Moulon and
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and Daniel DeTone and Daniel Barnes and Elizabeth Argall and Andrey Lobanovskiy and
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Prince Gupta and Mingfei Yan and Renzo De Nardi and Richard Newcombe},
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We welcome contributions! See CONTRIBUTING for details about how to get started, and our code of conduct.