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How to Join the Academic Partners Workplace Group


As part of the Aria Research Kit (ARK), you'll get access to the Project Aria Academic Partner Announcements Feedback and Support Workplace Group. This group is Project Aria's academic research community space where researchers and engineers at Meta and Academic partners can connect, ask questions, share ideas and provide support.

In addition to being the place where we make announcements, we want to support researchers to:

  • Provide feedback about their Aria experiences
  • Participate in general discussions about Aria
  • Ask our community of researchers and engineers questions (support related or exploring an idea)
  • Engage with other academic researchers and perhaps even set challenges for each other

Once you've joined this group you can post support queries in the group or directly message our user support team.

This group is specifically for Academic Research Partners who are working with Aria devices.

How to Join

Please do not add extra people to this group

If someone who is approved for the ARK and has received Aria glasses is missing, please let your Meta point of contact know.

When Academic Partners onboard with Project Aria they receive two emails. One will contain account credentials that you'll use the Companion Apps and the MPS CLI.

The second email is an invitation to join the Project Aria Workplace Group. The email will be from and have the subject “Join [person] in Project Aria Academic Partner Announcements, Feedback and Support”.

To join the Workplace group:

  1. Find the email invitation with the subject Join [Person] in Project Aria Academic Partner Announcements, Feedback & Support and select “Join [person]
  2. In your browser, follow the prompts to create a new Workplace
    • To set up a workplace group you just need to answer a few questions: your name, type of role, organization and organization size.
  3. Once you've set up your workplace, you should see a prompt saying that you've been invited into a closed multi-company group.
  4. Select Accept Invite
  5. You should then see “Welcome [Your Name]!”
  6. Select Skip or Next
    • If you can't see Skip or Next, scroll down the page. The next button might not be immediately visible on some mobile devices
  7. Follow the prompts until you get to the workplace group
    • You may need to scroll further down the page if you do not see the Next button

Accessing the Workplace Group

You should be able to continue from your workplace group creation. In addition, once you've created your workplace group you should get an email from with the subject “[Your Workplace Group name] via Workplace”.

  1. Select Log into Workplace and enter your credentials
  2. You should see your groups displayed in the Home section
    • On Mobile, select the menu icon on the top right of your screen to view Home