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ARK Troubleshooting & Known Issues


This page provides troubleshooting information for issues you may encounter while using the Aria Research Kit (ARK).

It covers:

Further resources

If you need further support, have feedback or feature requests, go to our Support page.

Device and Recording Issues

I can't start recording

Check that the privacy switch is not engaged. The switch should be pushed forward (towards the lenses of your device) for recording to be possible.

Aria Privacy Switch

Where's my recording?

It is possible you may have accidentally discarded your recording. Do not use the privacy switch to stop recording, as it prevents recording and deletes any current recording.

Stop recording does not work/ has a long delay

The longer a device records for, the longer it takes for a recording to stop. This is because the larger the VRS file, the longer it takes a recording to finish indexing. This can be particularly apparent in the Desktop App, as you can press the Stop button and it looks like nothing has happened.


Recording has not fully stopped until the Recording LEDs have turned off

Desktop App Issues

Aria device flickers on and off in the Desktop app

You most likely need to update your Aria glasses' OS. If the issue continues to occur:

  1. In the Aria Mobile Companion App, go to Device Settings
  2. Scroll down to Device Mode
  3. If you have the correct glasses, the device mode should say “Partner”
    • The device mode should say “Partner”
  4. If the device mode correctly shows “Partner”, scroll up to Glasses OS and select Check for Updates

Copying files locally takes a long time!

We recommend copying data from your Aria glasses using ADB or MTP (Windows automatic files transfer) rather than the Desktop App, for a faster experience.

Go to the Quickstart Guide for ADB commands and MTP instructions.

Desktop app/computer can't detect my Aria device

It may be that your Aria glasses' battery is drained. Make sure it is correctly charging (there should be a blue LED on the right arm) and wait ten minutes. You may also wish to try a different port in your computer.

On Linux, this may be due to USB driver issues: