Building HiPlot from source

Python developer setup

It is not necessary to build the Javascript bundle when developing the python side of HiPlot. However, the generated bundle (hiplot/static/built/hiplot.bundle.js) is not provided in the git repository. The easiest solution is to download the latest version generated by the CI: hiplot.bundle.js

Building Javascript bundle

HiPlot’s frontend is built with React in TypeScript. Those files need to be compiled and bundled into plain Javascript to generate hiplot.bundle.js. Node/npm is required in order to build those files

# First, install npm packages
npm install
# Then either:
# (1) Dev (recommended): automatically re-build when a change is detected
npm run build-dev-watch
# (2) Build in release mode (for better performance)
npm run webpack-dev-watch

It’s also recommended to run a HiPlot server locally to experiment:

pip install -e .
python -m hiplot --dev

Now open your browser and play with the code :)


Do not forget to refresh the page and clear the cache when changing javascript files (for Chrome: CMD+SHIFT+R on MacOS, or CTRL+SHIFT+R on Windows).

Building documentation

pip install -r requirements/dev.txt
cd docs
make html