Scorer Example

VizSeq scorers provide corpus-level, sentence-level and group-level (groups defined by the sentence tags) scores. They are implemented with multi-processing.

Here is an example for using BLEU scorer:

from vizseq.scorers.bleu import BLEUScorer
scorer = BLEUScorer(corpus_level=True, sent_level=True, n_workers=2, verbose=False, extra_args=None)
ref = [['This is a sample #1 reference.', 'This is a sample #2 reference.']]
hypo = ['This is a sample #1 prediction.', 'This is a sample #2 model prediction.']
tags = [['Test Group 1', 'Test Group 2']]
scores = scorer.score(hypo, ref, tags=tags)
print(f'Corpus-level BLEU: {scores.corpus_score}')
print(f'Sentence-level BLEU: {scores.sent_scores}')
print(f'Group BLEU: {scores.group_scores}')
Corpus-level BLEU: 67.945
Sentence-level BLEU: [75.984, 61.479]
Group BLEU: {'Test Group 2': 75.984, 'Test Group 1': 75.984}

Please see the Scorer APIs section for full references.