Omnivore: A Single Model for Many Visual Modalities

Prior work has studied different visual modalities in isolation and developed separate architectures for recognition of images, videos, and 3D data. Instead, in this paper, we propose a single model which excels at classifying images, videos, and single-view 3D data using exactly the same model parameters. Our 'OMNIVORE' model leverages the flexibility of transformer-based architectures and is trained jointly on classification tasks from different modalities. OMNIVORE is simple to train, uses off-the-shelf standard datasets, and performs at-par or better than modality-specific models of the same size. A single OMNIVORE model obtains 86.0% on ImageNet, 84.1% on Kinetics, and 67.1% on SUN RGB-D. After finetuning, our models outperform prior work on a variety of vision tasks and generalize across modalities. OMNIVORE's shared visual representation naturally enables cross-modal recognition without access to correspondences between modalities. We hope our results motivate researchers to model visual modalities together.


Rohit Girdhar

Mannat Singh

Nikhila Ravi

Laurens van der Maaten

Armand Joulin

Ishan Misra


R. Girdhar, M. Singh, N. Ravi, L. van der Maaten, A. Joulin and I. Misra
Omnivore: A Single Model for Many Visual Modalities
IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2022
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