The Dataset

ELI5 is a dataset for long-form question answering. It contains 270K complex, diverse questions that require explanatory multi-sentence answers. Web search results are used as evidence documents to answer each question.

ELI5 is also a task in Dodecadialogue.

Question: How do Jellyfish function without brains or nervous systems?

Supporting Documents: The box jellyfish nervous system is divided into three functional parts namely; rhopalia, conducting nerve ring, and motor nerve net. [...] Jellyfish do not have brains, and most barely have nervous systems. They have primitive nerve cells that help them orient themselves in the water and sense light and touch. [...] While they don’t possess brains, the animals still have neurons that send all sorts of signals throughout their body. ``It is not true that jellyfish have no central nervous systems. They have an unusual nervous system,'' [...]

Answer: Jellyfish may not have a brain, but they have a rough nervous system and innate behaviours. However, they are very simple creatures. They're invertebrate: creatures without a backbone. Most jellyfish have really short life spans. [...] As their name implies, they are largely composed of basically jelly inside a thin membrane. They're over 95% water.


Model Full ROUGE Fill 20 ROUGE
1 2 L 1 2 L
BART [Lewis et al, 2019] 30.6 6.2 24.3 -- -- --
Local KB Construction [Fan et al, 2019] 30.0 5.8 24.0 -- -- --
Seq2Seq Multi-task [Fan et al, 2019] 28.9 5.4 23.1 37.2 14.6 33.0
Extractive [Fan et al, 2019] 23.5 3.11 17.5 -- -- --